You’ve landed in the elephant’s den. Mind the droppings.

Remember, Hadoop is meant to handle *Big Data*.

Welcome to UHUG.org: Utah Hadoop Users Group.

What is Hadoop? Many of you may have already heard of it; many of you may want to learn more. That’s what this website and our local users groups hopes to achieve for all. We are a group of professionals who gather monthly to discuss: the basics of Hadoop; real world solutions Hadoop provides, and simply: “How the heck do you use this damn thing?”

Hadoop is many things to many people. Foremost, it is the quintessential solution for big data needs.

We invite both the veteran-ed Hadoop user and the noob.

Check out our calendar of events; our proposed topics. Be sure to RSVP for the upcoming meeting (otherwise you won’t get any food or beverage and may dehydrate consuming all the knowledge at hand).

Seriously though… We are a group of professionals whom are excited to spread our knowledge of the wonderful technology known as Hadoop. We don’t bite. We like stupid questions; they help us dispel myths and teach us something as well. We want to foster a community that adheres to the Open Source Software standard of everyone helping everyone to succeed.

We hope you will join us.

Until then, cheers.


Utah Hadoop User Group